Daily Dose // Rx 11.13

If it isn’t love, tell me why we hurt so good together?

I was late to work today, happy Monday to me!

This past weekend I went out with my cousins and had an absolute blast. A lot of people don’t have the bond with their cousins like I do with mine, and I really can’t tell you how sorry I am if you don’t. It’s amazing to have a relationship with a blood relative that is as strong as some that you may share with your closest friends.

Anyways, we went out and I ended up falling. And no I didn’t fall in love…I fell on the ground…hard. I was running across the street to get to the car and somehow my legs gave out and I fell…

Me, except I fell onto pavement

Hopefully you all smiled a little at that story. I laugh every time I picture myself eating sh** into the road. If you need more of a boost for today, I have a great song that’ll help. It’s called Good Together by SHY Martin. There are only 2 tracks on her SoundCloud page, but please follow her! I have a feeling she’s going to be an artist to pay attention to.

c/o SoundCloud