Daily Dose // Rx 3.27

Feeling my way, through the dark
I just gotta move on, gotta make a new start.
You’re not my lover, you’re not my friend
You are a skeleton.

Above are lyrics from today’s dose called, you guessed it, Skeleton. The song is by Stefan Alexander, and if you’re feeling frisky you should look up the Savoir Adore remix as well. I love this song and I really appreciate the message behind it as well. He seems to finally be admitting that this person is no longer benefiting him and has in fact become a negative person in his life. We all have those people no matter who you are. Hence the term skeleton which I’m going to assume means this person is metaphorically dead to him and has become just a painful memory.

The hardest part of moving on is admitting you have a problem in the first place. So as depressing as my first paragraph maybe was, just realize that this song is actually positive. No matter what shitty thing/person/situation you’re trying to get away from, you should always know that you’re going the right direction by cutting whatever it is out and moving forward with your life.

On that note, please enjoy :) Positive vibes coming your way this week people!!

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