Daily Dose // Rx 4.10

I can’t help but smiling when I see ya baby :)

Howdy boys and girls. I am currently laying in my hotel bed exhausted from my first day of insurance classes (which are 8 hours long btw). As you might already be able to guess, I am going to show you a super dope song today. This one really got me through the day and it will probably get my ass through this entire week considering I have four more 8 hour classes *insert upside down smiley here*.

The song today is called Stay The Night by Xuitcasecity (Tampa, FL) and Toniia (Cologne, Germany). I read about Toniia on his Facebook page and according to that and clearly according to his music as well, is an extremely talented young artist. As for Xuitcasecity, I am adding a link to their website so you can read about how cool Cam and Mike are (https://xuitcasecity.com/home).


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