Daily Dose // Rx 5.12

Are you having a pretty meh day? Well it’s about to get even more meh with today’s dose.

The song is called Chosen and is by the South African trio, Meh…yeah, you see what I did there *laughs to self*? Anywayssss, the track is mellow pop style mixed in with the nice little EDM twist, which makes it the cats meow.

quite literally

It’s 75 degrees, sunny and there is little to no humidity and I am feeling myself because of it. So, I hopped in my car this morning and the first thing I did was rolled the windows down, plugged in my phone, launched Spotify and blared this song out my windows. If your picturing me screaming the song at the top of lungs then you must be getting to know me pretty well because that’s exactly what happened.

your daily dose
c/o SoundCloud
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