Daily Dose // Rx 6.28

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream?

When you’re dreaming you feel every bit awake as you do asleep, vividly living through the creation that your sleeping mind has placed you in. I believe music can have the same affect on our ability to relax and slip into a dreamy, happy mood.

The artist I bring to you today, slenderbodies, has a similar belief, “We both have this huge focus on how instrumentals make a person feel. We blend ‘natural’ into digital, and that’s really important to us. We try to marry the two into this cohesive natural product that people will enjoy.” The Californian duo debuted in 2016 with their album “sotto voce(literally translating to “whisper” in Italian), but I come to you today with a song off of their new EP “fabulistcalled “anemone”.

Their entire new EP should be listened to from start to finish in order to get the full experience of their sound but, “anemone” encompasses all aspects and flavors of their EP in one song. slenderbodies has a very unique sound and does a magical job of intertwining falsetto vocals with intricately strung together guitar riffs.

If you enjoy bands such as Alt-J and Anima!, you will enjoy slenderbodies. Take your first step into a lucid dream and press play below.