Daily Dose // Rx 8.30

“I need you to stay right there.”

Summer, please don’t go. As excited as I am for fall, that also means I am one step closer to winter and that to me is a nightmare. I am from Minnesnowda (don’tcha know), so you’d think, “Oh well she probably loves winters!”. No…I don’t. I do enjoy snowboarding and snowmobiling, but never go because is time consuming and costly because I’m a broke a** bish. I also very much dislike winter because driving on icy, slushy, snowy roads is terrifying.

OK rant over. Hopefully you guys are lucky/smart and live somewhere where it doesn’t get below 20 degrees for 5 months out of the year. If you do, you are in the same boat as me then. If you are a crazy person and love winter, then I’m excited for you, but you’re nuts ;)

Here’s today’s dose called Stay Right There by Airia:

Side note: I do enjoy winter for football and hockey season! GO VIKES AND WILD!

c/o SoundCloud