Daily Dose // Rx 9.14

I have a crush

So I was browsing through Spotify the other day and came across a playlist called “Mood Booster”. In that playlist there was a song called Plot Twist. I usually give a song about 1:30 before I decide whether I like it or not because I’m constantly trying to find new music and need to move on if I’m just not feeling it. This track by Marc E. Bassey was one that I liked right from the start.

The song definitely boosted my mood, but so did the artist as soon as I saw what he looked like…(Marc, if you’re reading this, I see you).

Below is a link to Plot Twist as well as another amazing song I found a while back by him called Drunk & I’m Drunk (ft. Bobby Brackins). I will also include a link to his website so you can see how sexy he is…I mean so you can check on tour dates and videos and stuff… ;)


c/o SoundCloud