Melbourne — The New Coast // Review

Paraga Beach — The New Coast

Listening to The New Coast you wouldn’t guess that the artists are from the UK (I mean seriously, what happens to the accent when they sing?) but it is easy to hear that they have an incredible sound. Their music rides somewhere on the edge of indie pop, electronic, + alternative. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how to categorize it.

Here’s one of our favorites off of their new EP Paraga Beach: ‘Melbourne’

What I like about this track:

The song opens with a muted electronic bass line + catchy vocal melodies pulling you into the first line “Get in the car / show me your love” — Okay, let’s go!

The vocals are full + full of emotion, a fine example of why ‘The New Coast’ has such a unique sound. The pre-chorus effortlessly flows into the chorus as the drums ring out, but perhaps my favorite part is when the bridge hits, circling back to the intro vocal melodies and highlighting the pre-chorus lyrics in a different light. All in all, I’m a fan.

Artist Pic:

THE NEW COAST// Nick & Chris are two dudes from London, “born from an infatuation with American cinema and pop culture”. You can hear the influence in their music. They released their first EP in November 2016 — brilliant.

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