SUMif // Featured Artist

c/o SoundCloud

Take a quick second out of your day and have a listen to an extremely underrated + talented artist: SUMif.

SUMif is a San Francisco-based electro-pop outfit spearheaded by Steph Wells. Along the lines of Ellie Goulding, Broods, and Jack Garratt, the project released seven singles in 2016 — including the #1 Hype Machine hit “Lay Down” — and headlined Popscene, SF’s premiere indie music party.

This description is pretty spot on, but why not just listen for yourself. Check out the aforementioned track Lay Down (one of my favorites) below.

When trying to learn more about SUMif, Facebook offered up this fun fact:

Interests: “excel, mostly excel”

Not sure if she’s talking about Microsoft Excel or excelling at life in general but either way we’re into it. SUMif combines a lot of musical stylings to carve out a niche that is all her own yet similar enough to attract audiences from all of those spaces. She’s also just a whole lot of fun.

Another wonderful track among all of her multicolored singles is titled In With Me.

Looks like SUMif will be opening for VERITE on May 1st in San Francisco so if you’re in there area you should definitely go catch that show! Cannot wait to see what this 2016 up and comer has in store for us in 2017!

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