I am officially obsessed with this Tuesday’s tune // “Fading” by Vallis Alps.

The duo (who are, of course, from Australia — I clearly have a type) released an amazing, self-titled EP back in 2015 and a new-ish single in November of 2016. I listened when it came out, added it to the indelicious spotify playlist, and moved on, but this weekend I revisited the song because I’m headed to see them this Friday in Boston.

Boy was I re-impressed. First of all this intro is ⚡️ to the point that I’ve replayed that part alone more times than I’ve looped the actual track. The song title “fading” resonates throughout the entire song as well as the chorus lyrics: “this is paradise”.

Aside from the awesome-ness that is this song, I checked out their website and found a whole page dedicated to the stems (deconstructed layers) from their first EP. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen an artist do — promoting open sourcing in the music community + basically sharing their creative process.

Looking forward to this show on Friday ~~