Happy Tunesday folks! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything because I just experienced a whole weekend of music, camping, and no battery/service aka Firefly Music Festival. It was a blast but I’m happy to be back in an air-conditioned building all plugged in + freshly showered.

This week features a song I heard last week but didn’t get to write about called Bedroom by Litany. Self-described as “Electro spoons”, the duo of Jake and Beth just released their debut EP 4 Track EP. Despite the name, the album actually has 8 tracks, the 4 tracks + an intro to each of the tracks.

For this reason, the album really should be listened to in it’s entirety + in order, but since it’s Tunesday and I have to pick just one to share, have a listen to my favorite track Bedroom. Good luck trying not to vibe with that chorus 😉