The Wild Now: trendsday 5-april

The Wild Now (Taylor Baker && Drew Walker)

Boston, meet Austin. Meet Taylor and Drew more specifically, as they (The Wild Now) are headlining this week’s Trendsday!

The Wild Now got its start with Salt, one of the duo’s earlier tracks, and their first to be put up on Spotify. Currently clocking in more than a million plays, Salt blends Drew’s sweet guitar chords with Taylor’s smooth vocals to craft a delicious combination. Tides, The Wild Now’s debut EP, followed Salt in 2016. The EP features songs like New Eyes and Seek, songs that have experimental, creative soundscapes backing Taylor’s vocals. These soundscapes are, at times, somewhat reminiscent of a Glass Animals type.

The Wild Now’s latest releases, Run For Your Life and Afterglow, are singles from their sophomore EP, due out May 19th.