Trendsday: 1/25/2017

Trendsday. It’s where we talk about trending artists, and it’s on Wednesday. I promise we’ll stop with the forced puns… eventually.

When you look at an artist’s path to success, it looks a lot like this:

How Soon We Start Listening to an Artist

There’s the first few people to listen to them. We call these people innovators. If you listen to songs that have less than 1000 plays on Spotify, congratulations. You’re probably an innovator.

Then there’s the early adopters. They didn’t get there first. Maybe the artist already made a few songs; maybe the artist moved from Soundcloud to Spotify. But the early adopters still got there early. They join the innovators in that group that new an artist “before they were cool”.

Next is the early majority. If you’re an artist, you want to make it here. The early majority is a good third of whatever group you’re trying to reach. It’s a great spot to be.

Finally comes the late majority and everything that follows it. If you’re later than the late majority, you’re honestly not even coming to the party. You’re someone who has probably never listened to Beyoncé, someone who has never even heard of The Beatles.

At I N D E L I C I O U S, we’re going to focus on innovators, early adopters, and early majority. We want to show you what’s on the up and up: indie artists at various points on their paths to success.

Here’s this week’s Trendsday.

For the Early Majority: MAGGIE ROGERS.
Maggie Rogers is synesthetic. Synesthesia is when you hear colors, when you see taste. Senses blend, something you can feel in Maggie’s music. She weaves together folk imagery with the sounds of nature and energy of dance. Her words, not mine.
Her debut single Alaska was written in 15 minutes for a workshop with Pharrell Williams, and it went viral when Pharrell found god listening to it. She’s since released two more tracks, gets about 100,000 more Spotify listeners every day, and has a debut EP (Now That the Light Is Fading) coming out Feb 17.



For the Early Adopters: LUCY DACUS.
A note to the masses: have a music teacher for a mother. Lucy Dacus did, and at just 21 years old, she is crushing the Indie Rock scene. Her debut album No Burden hit the music scene early last year and it’s been pretty well-received. She’s been covered by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR and others, and she’s just getting started. You can currently find Lucy touring around the country, either rocking out solo or alongside Hamilton Leithauser.



For the Innovators: DARLING JAMES.
Darling James just dropped his first EP a few months ago, but he’s been high up in my books for a while. I stumbled upon Ultimatum Talk early last year, and since then he has continued to release quality singles. God’s Graffiti deals with regret and redemption. The Itch is a synth trip that, at times, gives off some strong Tame Impala vibes. Melbourne-based Darling James has hit some charts in Australia. Here’s hoping he gains some traction worldwide.



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