Trendsday: 2/15/17

Read on to learn about this week’s trending artists: Stolar, Saro, and The Darcys!


Canada’s electropop duo The Darcys is made up of Jason Course and Wes Markell. The two are known for great music and great facial hair (their mustache-game is strong). The Darcys latest album, Centerfold, is stacked with gems — from Miracle’s head-bopping pop to Coming Up For Air’s raspy mix of X Ambassadors and Imagine Dragons. Pull a card out of Jane Austen’s playbook and fall in love with The Darcys.


Saro is a one-man-act from Los Angeles. He gained traction in the indie scene last year with his single Test, and his EP In Loving Memory came out late 2016. Saro’s songs, like his EP’s title suggests, often deal with grief and have an air of beautiful melancholia to them. Saro’s soundcloud description says “do not fall in love” but we at I N D E L I C I O U S have fallen in love with him.


NY-based Stolar is super new. Like a his-first-single-just-came-out kind of new. Paralyzed, his premiere single, is an R&B / Pop / Electronic goldmine, and it makes us very excited to see what’s next for Stolar.

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