Trick or Treat

Happy halloween!

Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a kid, but unfortunately one of the best parts, trick or treating, is no longer socially acceptable as an adult, so instead, I’ve decided to make a musical trick or treating experience for all of those who miss it as much as me. Here we go!

Knock, knock..

Trick or treat!

Let’s check out our candy from house number 1, shall we?

Reese’s = “Line of Sight” by ODESZA

The most popular of all Halloween candies (after doing extensive research), Reese’s are a classic. I don’t think there was anything as popular or hard hitting as the first single off of the new ODESZA album: “Line of Sight” (feat. WYNN and Mansionair).

Alright onwards, to the next house…

Twix = “Dive In” by Koni & Maria Lynn

Sweet chocolate exterior, creamy caramel inside, and to finish it off, a glorious cookie crunch. For this reason, the Twix is layered just like the track “Dive In” by Koni & Maria Lynn. Also, “I’m not afraid to dive in (to it’s crunchy goodness)”.

Skittles = “Here Since” by Howle

Skittles are a nice break from all the chocolate (in this case all the faster-paced EDM) and have a lot of variety between flavors. This reminds me a lot of one of my favorite tracks by Howle called “Here Since”.

Twizzlers = “Medusa” by Kailee Morgue

Not gonna lie, my main reason for this connection is because Twizzlers look like Medusa’s snake hair. That is all. Now enjoy this highly appropriate track by Kailee Morgue called “Medusa”.

Sour Patch Kids = “Quiet” by EXES

Sour Patch Kids are a severely underrated/appreciated candy just like the band EXES whose most recent single “Quiet” gives me the chills with every listen (also similar to my first bite into a sour patch kid!).

Alright we’re coming up to the last house on the block…

Butterfinger = “Buzzin’” by Alina Baraz

Oh shit. Butterfinger. That was one of my favorites as a kid even though it tastes like you’re eating layers of compressed, peanut buttery sugar. No doubt after eating one of these you’re “Buzzin’” just like Alina Baraz.

Well that’s the end of this candy coated musical journey. I hope you like the mixed bag, but most importantly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!