Women In Indie

Lately there have been a lot of shows of women’s empowerment, especially with everything that is happening in the political sphere. Just a week ago was one of the largest marches in recent history— the women’s march. In all job industries, women are establishing + thus empowering themselves. Industries that even 5 years ago were primarily white + male.

In my opinion, there is nothing more empowering than self-expression through music. The music industry is no stranger to the cultural norms that dominated other industries as well, and as such is still primarily man-centric. To see so many strong + talented women rise up in the independent music scene is just incredible.

Sorcha Richardson

About 2 years ago I heard my first song by Sorcha Richardson, ‘Petrol Station’. I would play that on repeat wondering time and time again why she referred to it as “petrol”, then I realized she’s from Dublin, Ireland. Ah! Okay now it’s cool. She has since moved to Brooklyn, NY.

Lately she’s been releasing singles + each one features her unique vocal styling and insanely amazing lyrics. I think she describes it best in her own words + handwriting:

Here’s one of her latest + one of my favorites: “Lost”

“Lost” — Sorcha Richardson


Originally from Oklahoma City, Mothica now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her Facebook bio simply states “feeling too much since 1995” + we feel it too. You may have heard her featured in the track ‘Clear’ by Pusher, but her original stuff is really good. If you live in New York, go listen to one of her shows cause she seems to have gigs there all the time.

Check out one of her latest singles ‘Out of It’ + get into it.

“Out of It” — Mothica

Chelsea Cutler

Only 19 years old + Chelsea Cutler is already collaborating with the likes of Chet Faker, Adventure Club, and Kidswaste. Although her originals are definitely where the magic is. Her voice is really unique + her songwriting is fantastic.

Here’s one of her originals: ‘Wake Up’.

“Wake Up” — Chelsea Cutler

Hazel English

When I first heard ‘Never Going Home’ I immediately thought “This is the female Day Wave”. I later realized that he actually helped produce the track, ahhhh that makes more sense. But despite the similarities, there is a beauty about the song that only Hazel English could bring with dreamy vocals and captivating energy.

Here’s ‘Never Going Home’:


There’s not much on the interwebs about Elohim, but I think her music speaks for itself. An eclectic mix of rhythms and sounds that always makes for an interesting listening experience. She just collaborated on a new track with Louis the Child called ‘Love is Alive’.

Check out her latest track: ‘Hallucinating’.

2016 also had it’s fair share of amazing emerging women in indie, including Maggie Rogers, Bishop Briggs, VERITE, and many more.

Know any women in indie who weren’t listed? Comment with your favorites!