Top Ondemand Businesses by Sector

If you’re interested in starting a successful ondemand business, it often helps to understand what sort of ideas have been successful in the past. Here, you can find some of the best and most successful ondemand businesses for the biggest and most popular sectors in the world.

Food Service

Ondemand businesses related to food are always great options. Everyone has to eat, and everyone enjoys a convenient way to do so. The top ondemand businesses in the food service sector have grown significantly over the years.


Plated — Plated is the most popular on-demand food program out there. Rather than simply delivering frozen meals that you can reheat, Plated sends fresh ingredients to cook entire meals in 30 minutes.

Club W

Club W — Club W offers clients the opportunity to create a “Palate Profile.” Then, it sends four or more wines that their clients will love each month. With bottles starting at $13 and free shipping, it’s easy to see why Club W is so popular.

Moustache Coffee Club

Moustache Coffee Club — Coffee lovers around the world are always on the hunt for the next amazing bean, and the Moustache Coffee Club aims to deliver. They have several plans allowing customers a bag of coffee once a week, once every other week, or once a month, and they even offer a trial.


Everyone likes to travel from time to time, whether they need to go across town or they want to plan a two-week vacation. Making travel simpler is a surefire way to succeed. These OnDemand businesses in the travel sector have certainly proved themselves.


Uber — Uber is the perfect taxi alternative, and the best part is that it’s client operated! Uber drivers are paid to pick people up and drop them off, and those needing a ride will find that the Uber experience is cheaper and often better than a traditional taxi.


Airbnb — Airbnb essentially allows people to stay with homeowners around the world when they travel. If you own a home with an extra room, you can rent it on Airbnb. If you’re traveling, just search the app for a place to stay.

Home Services

When people have a problem at home — whether it involves a leaky roof or a clogged drain — they need access to someone who can help. Several OnDemand businesses have capitalized on the home services sector, making lives easier.

Your Mechanic

YourMechanic — YourMechanic consists of a group of mechanics in large cities who will travel to a customer’s location to diagnose and fix problems with their vehicles. It is a very popular service and continues to expand to new locations.


Handy— Much like YourMechanic, Handy allows people to book a variety of different household service providers, whether they need a plumber, a landscaper, or even an exterminator.


Boxful— Boxful offers by-the-box storage that will come to a customer’s home to collect items and transport them to storage. When you want them back, Boxful handles the delivery.

As you can see, ondemand businesses in many sectors have discovered an unfulfilled need within those sectors and found unique ways to fulfill those needs. All of these companies are incredibly successful, and they’re still growing with each passing year.