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Empowering artists with NovelGens

Nearly two months into the fiction-generating experiment that is NovelGens, I’m happy to report it’s going well! We now generated 55 novel creatures who’ve been claimed by around 70 users.

One piece of feedback I’ve repeatedly gotten after adding the ability to publish your own stories on NovelGens led to today’s feature release: you want to be able to publish your own artwork to the official creature canon — and now you can!

To share your art with the world, simply visit the page of any creature you own. At the bottom, you’ll see a new “Add your artwork” button.

It’s that easy.

What happens when you add new artwork to a creature?

Only owners can add artwork to a creature. Just like published stories, the artwork you add will be visible to everyone browsing that creature’s page. The other owners will also get a notification that you’ve added art to expand that creature’s canon.

Users who appreciate your art can give it kudos. Art with the most kudos will appear first on the creature page; the more kudos you get, the more likely people are to see your art!

New profiles to show off your stories and art

The new profile design highlights your stories and art, providing tabs to list all of your contributed creature canon in a single place. The art you upload is stored at its original resolution and quality, not downscaled, and always available. There are no upload bandwidth limits on your art — we’re all trying to create awesome creatures and the lore behind them, and you’re included!

Other improvements around the site

Of course, tonight’s release also includes a ton of assorted improvements around the rest of the site, too. There are improvements to notifications, the story editor, tag listings, and creature feedback, as well as a ton of behind-the-scenes work that just makes everything run buttery-smooth.

In other news, it’s now possible for the creature generator to occasionally generate multiple images of the same creature and release them together as one creature. Keep an eye out!

I hope you enjoy all these updates on NovelGens. Thanks for being along on this weird ride!

Happy worldbuilding and writing!



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