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Expand your creatures’ canon with your stories on NovelGens

I didn’t expect people to actually get as excited about NovelGens as I am, but it’s been a joy to work on while people continue to claim and talk about their new creatures. We’re up to around 50 users now and we’ve generated 36 creatures as of today’s Darunian release!

Today’s release is motivated by some of the bigger-picture feedback I’ve received so far: you want to be able to do something with your creatures.

You can now publish your stories on NovelGens

While you could always use your claimed creatures in your own writing (that’s, like, the whole point!), there wasn’t an avenue to share your stories through NovelGens itself — until now.

Starting today, anyone can write stories and publish them on NovelGens. If one of your owned creatures appears in that story, it’ll also be visible directly on that creature’s page for anyone to read or send kudos. I want the site to feel like a bit of a zoo, where people can browse around until they find a creature that piques their interest — and then go on to read your stories.

Additionally, every creature owner will automatically get notifications about stories that other owners write about their creatures. We’re all a community here and I think this’ll make it easy to work together and expand each creature’s canon in a fun way.

As you write stories, you may also start to build your audience with followers. These followers receive notifications for every new story you write, regardless of the creatures in it.

Your new profile highlights your stories

As the profile page slowly fills out, you’ll start to see each of your stories listed there in one convenient place to link to. Just like on the story page itself, the creatures that appear in each story are highlighted to pique reader interest.

Also on your profile is your total kudo count across all of your stories, with a kudo leaderboard for our best writers coming soon! :)

So… go on, then! You can start writing a story by clicking “My Stories” under “Account” or just clicking here. Once your story is ready to publish, you can link all the creatures that appear in it and then see your story featured on those creatures’ NovelGens pages!

Happy worldbuilding and writing!



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