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Generate new fictional environments with NovelGens

A few of the new environments available to generate on NovelGens

What is NovelGens? What’s new?

NovelGens has evolved and morphed based on feedback since its original release this year, but its ultimate goal has remained the same: NovelGens is an AI-powered tool meant to augment writers’ creativity by providing an endless supply of interesting worldbuilding ideas.

So far, those ideas have revolved around creating new species of fictitious creatures: lifeforms of every shape and size made available to claim as your own from

Starting today, NovelGens is also capable of creating interesting, new locations!

A newly-generated desert, complete with wildlife within it!

Generate your own deserts, forests, rivers, and more!

Looking to add a desert to your world? A cave? A swamp? You can now generate new environments directly on NovelGens with the press of a button. Each environment comes with a name, a list of the wildlife that calls it home, some “current” weather, and a short list of biome modifiers that further individualize each new location.

Try it out for yourself with any of the following links (or see all the different environments you can create from here):

Each location is created from scratch every time you load the page, so you’ll never get the same location twice. Don’t like the first one you see? Just refresh the page for more generations until you find one that inspires you!

A view of the new environment page for Plains

Browse creatures by environment

Every creature on NovelGens — and all creatures generated from now on — have had the environments they’re found in added to their details. If you click on any location tag, you can now browse those environments themselves to see all the creatures typically found there.

This feature makes it easier for you to find the right creatures for your world: you can easily find creatures that fit into deserts, enchanted forests, caves, snowy tundras, and even alternate dimensions!

Become a top writer in your favorite environments

If you’ve added your own stories (or artwork!) to creatures on NovelGens, you’re now eligible to become a highlighted top writer (or top artist) in the environments that creature frequents. Stories in the desert will net you recognition on the desert page, artwork of enchanted forests will likewise feature you on the enchanted forest page. Ranking is simply based on our kudos system: the more people like your work, the higher you’ll climb!

Plus, there’s more!

Also included in this release is a slew of small quality-of-life changes that’ve been requested, including a lot of UI improvements for mobile. URLs are now prettier, images are now larger and will load faster as you scroll, stories can now be manually tagged with the environments they depict, the Discover dropdown has been redesigned to expose more ways to explore new creasures, each day’s new creature is now automatically posted to our Discord and reddit, and more! If you have feedback for the site, I’d love to hear it!

Happy worldbuilding!

— Andrew



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