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Feb 1, 2017 · 5 min read

A brief recap of how things are going has been a massive undertaking since we launched last October, with over 2,000 authors claiming their own worldbuilding notebook within the first 24 hours. Over the next month, I watched in awe as another 5,000 creators signed up and we released our first big expansion. I’m extremely happy to announce that now has over 8,000 brilliant minds creating wonderful, in-depth worlds — and everything within them.

As you can imagine, we’ve been pretty busy keeping the servers stable and the site working at peak performance.

I’m also happy to announce that over the four months we’ve been around, we’ve only had four hours of downtime (of which two hours were planned maintenance, upgrading the database). This translates to 99.999% uptime! Additionally, we’re also doing fairly well in speed, averaging less-than-half-a-second response times across all page loads.

So what’s all this about subscriptions?

You may may recall we announced monthly subscriptions back in November, but we’ve been hard at work making sure the site works well for everyone since then.

Since then, thousands of users have received several free months of unlimited access, and I think that’s awesome.

I also think it’s awesome that subscriptions will finally be launching on the first of February for all users. To celebrate for the next two weeks, we’ll be replacing the Premium plan with a cheaper plan for all our early adopters (thank you!), letting you lock in a monthly rate at $6/month instead of the normal $9/month.

And if you want to support even further, I’ve also created a Patreon page where you can choose to donate as little or as much as you’d like each month. It all goes straight to server costs and keeping new features flowing.

If you upgrade to Premium in the next two weeks, your monthly bill will only be $6 (33% off $9) for as long as you subscribe.

How does it work?

Subscriptions on directly fund development of features and improvements, and will be billed monthly at whatever plan you have active. While the Starter plan allows unlimited creation of characters, locations, and items,a Premium subscription also allows creating the more detailed resources for your world: creatures, races, religions, groups, magic, languages, and scenes — with more coming soon.

We want to make absolutely sure you never lose access to any of your ideas, so you’ll always have access to view and edit any of your existing pages, no matter what subscription you hold. If you’ve created a ton of languages, for example, you’ll always be able to view and edit those existing languages for as long as you use — even with a Starter subscription.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to me directly at I’m always happy to help.

And of course, you’ll always have access to back up and download your entire notebook in multiple formats with our data export features.

So what’s next?

We’ve received tons of awesome feedback and suggestions over the past few months, and a few have bubbled to the top as the most-suggested. Up until now, has been a passionate side project of mine; I’m hoping that subscriptions will allow me to work full-time in the long term developing these features and more.

So what’s actually next?

  • First and foremost, image and file uploads. I wanted to upload images to characters when I first started using, and I constantly hear the same sentiment from other creators. This is the next big feature on our roadmap, so you can expect it coming soon.
  • James Pierce has volunteered to work on our Android app, and it’s looking great so far. You may be surprised to hear that about one-third of traffic comes from mobile devices. If you’re a fan of worldbuilding on mobile, we’d love to hear more about how you do it.
  • We’ve been lucky enough to see authors and creators from around the world, and we’re in the process of translating the site to offer it in multiple languages. is used across the world! (Please tell your Greenlandic friends!)

But wait, there’s (a little) more!

One feature that we consistently hear that users love is what we’ve internally taken to calling our “serendipitous engine”: the AI in You’ve seen it ask easy, bite-sized questions about your content (and fill in your answers for you!), but you may also notice that it’ll be getting a lot smarter over the next few weeks.

And it’s getting a name, and a face.

Meet Tristan: very soon he’ll be your personal worldbuilding assistant, happy to brainstorm with you any time but out of the way when you’re in the zone. He’s looking forward to meeting you, and I’m looking forward to making your digital notebook smarter and smarter to help you build smarter worlds.

Don’t have a digital notebook of your own yet?

You can get started worldbuilding immediately at with no credit card or commitment needed.

Just sign up and start creating amazing worlds!

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The first word processor showed up in the 60’s and revolutionized writing through technology. Isn’t it time for another shift forward?

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