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There’s a lot of new stuff improving documents in this release, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Everything in this post is available for free to all users, regardless of their billing plan.

Happy worldbuilding!

Two new ways to organize your stories: tags and folders

The open-ended tagging system used on worldbuilding pages lets you tag pages with anything you want (for example, “Main character” on characters or “cursed” on items). You can now add tags to your documents, too.

Adding tags to a document on

Tags are a great way to organize your notebook pages, but I’ve received overwhelming feedback to also implement folders. So I did.

You can now create folders to organize your documents in

A list of document folders on

You can also have folders in folders, and folders in folders in folders, and folders in folders in folders in folders, and so on. You can even filter by tags within a folder! In other words, how much you organize your documents is now entirely up to you.

Summarize your stories at a glance

Every document now has a new synopsis field for you to summarize what happens within it, which comes in handy for folders full of short stories and/or chapters of a novel!

To view the meta-level information of any document, just click on it in any document list.

Summarizing a document with the new synopsis field

You can edit this information from the same modal, so everything’s in one place.

Statistics sidebar for folders

Another neat summarization feature now available is the statistics sidebar for folders. Whenever you’re looking at any folder, you’ll now see a quick overview of what tags, universes, and users (if you’re collaborating) are relevant to the documents in that folder.

And you can also see your total word count across all documents in that folder. If you’re writing a longer piece of fiction and separating chapters into multiple documents, this is a great way to get a grasp of how far along your whole book is!

Quickly jump between your chapters

Navigation sidebar in the document editor

When you’re writing inside, you can click the document icon in the top-left of the editor to bring up a sidebar that lets you quickly jump to any document.

If you're working on a document within a folder, you’ll be able to see all other documents in that folder and switch to editing them with a single click.

If you want to jump to a document in another folder, you have a list of folders to browse from directly below.

And below that, you also have a list of your most-recently-edited documents to jump back into with one more click.

I’ve tried hard to design a way to switch between documents seamlessly so you can keep your momentum and focus on writing, rather than figuring out or waiting on your writing tools.

Learn about your writing in the data vault

Finally, we also have a new page in your account’s data vault that summarizes your writing activity on It shows your total word count across all of your documents, which ones you’ve run through our AI analysis tool, and provides some interesting charts breaking down which of your documents are longest and how long you spend writing on each day.

A list of documents written on
A graph of writing activity over time on
Graphs of word breakdowns across documents
A graph comparing the number of revisions logged per document

You can check yours out in your Data Vault at any time!

A new dashboard for all of these features

The new documents dashboard on

Documents have come a long way since originally being a single, unformatted scratchpad to write in while working in Our authors can now create an unlimited number of full-length, rich-text documents that integrate tightly with the rest of’s worldbuilding features — and the new dashboard comes with a slew of features that should make managing your growing collection of stories and documents a little easier.

Here’s what’s new in the dashboard:

  • The dashboard has been redesigned, obviously!
  • Your recently-edited documents are now displayed at the top of the page for you to quickly jump back into without having to scroll or search to find what you’ve been working on.
  • You can now filter your documents by name, universe, folder, favorite-ness, or tag. And you can mix and match all of the above to find the exact document you want — fast!
  • You can organize your folders and jump to them quickly directly from the documents list.

More document improvements coming soon!

I have a lot more exciting features regarding better analysis and preparing documents for submitting to publishers coming soon, but I’ve gotten enough feedback to know y’all want folders and you want them now, so I’m happy to push this release out for everyone right now. :)

I hope this makes writing on just a little more enjoyable for everyone!

— Andrew



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