David Torrance on the Scottish independence referendum

Political writer David Torrance, author of ‘The Battle for Britain: Scotland and the Independence Referendum’, spoke to Independence Minded? about all aspects of the upcoming vote. How effective has the grassroots been? Which is currently the stronger campaign? What will happen in the event of a Yes or No vote? Find our three-part video interview below.

Discussing the political climate


In our first interview, shot at the beginning of July, David talks about the situation as it currently stands regarding the Scottish independence referendum — and how things have changed since the vote was announced.

I think it’s a fairly significant shift, and it might not be enough to give Yes a victory in September, but the normalisation of the concept of the independence is immeasurably beneficial for that side of the argument.

On the grassroots, and the positivity of the campaigns


How effective have the emerging grassroots movements actually been in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum? And has the Yes campaign been more positive than that of No?

I think there’s a danger of overstating this revival of grassroots activity. I think it’s certainly the case that more people are engaged, there is a greater attendance at public — and indeeed the fact that public meetings are happening at all with such frequency is significant — but we are still not seeing mass political engagement.

What happens after the Scottish independence referendum?


Finally, David offered his opinions on both the main campaigns in the Scottish independence referendum, and talked about what will happen afterwards in the event of a Yes or No vote.

My view is slightly unorthodox in that I think that both sides will move quite quickly to negotiate the main points on the currency union, on the European Union, and so on. I think the fact that there is a General Election next year will concentrate their minds in that respect.
David Torrance’s book The Battle for Britain: Scotland and the Independence Referendum is out now. (Photo: Jim Lang)

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