A Review of 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge

Author Rachel Thompson

At the risk of sounding corny and unprofessional: There’s gold in them thar hills! The hills being Rachel Thompson’s superb and timely social-media marketing guidebook, 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, addressed specifically to the needs of authors whom she assumes are already producing a superior product. To immediately mix metaphors, Ms. Thompson’s book is so meaty right from the start, one is likely to overstuff himself with informative protein. Pulling back into a literary stance: this highly practical, highly informative, highly knowledgeable book is so accessible to the reader and the novice author/marketeer, and so practical and do-able in its challenge, it should easily become the contemporary bible for any Indie writer or professional do-it-yourselfer.

In her 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, a How-To book of the highest caliber, Rachel Thompson proceeds to give clear, concise, easy-to-accomplish daily assignments for quickly establishing an increasingly brilliant, personally-branded presence (yes, authors need to brand themselves) within the infinitely expansive virtual but real world of the Internet, specifically through social media.

From the hidden worth of Twitter to the creativity of YouTube, and everything in-between, Ms. Thompson effortlessly turns a perceived behemoth of intimidation into a comfortable but dynamic marketing routine. She has done all the backbreaking work necessary to excavate this lucrative mine (back to my original outburst); now you simply have to pan quietly for the gold. But I guarantee you this: the gold is there. Rachel Thompson keeps the promise she makes boldly in her subtitle: How to Energize Your Book Sales in a Month! She might easily have added: While All the Time Having Loads of Fun!




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