Airstrikes against ISIS in Libya

Obama’s greatest foreign policy failure keeps on keeping on

President Obama during a Press Conference with PM Lee of Singapore (Photo Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

As new American airstrikes in Libya proceed, the mistake of going into the country is becoming evident again. The President, in a press conference with Singapore Prime Minister Lee earlier this week, reiterated how it was not a mistake to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power. However, the mistake was not being “sufficiently attentive” to what was needed to maintain the “basic security and peace inside of Libya.”

This statement shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last year, Obama admitted the fiasco in Libya was the worst mistake of his tenure. Before that, in 2014, he said the US and NATO partners “underestimated” the effort required to rebuild Libyan society after removing Gaddafi.

The 30-day airstrike campaign comes as the White House and State Department continue to claim ISIS is losing ground in the Middle East. Although the terrorist group’s geographical strongholds are shrinking in the region, the organization is rampantly spreading its deadly message and murderous branches into other regions of the world.

Counterterrorism Map showing organization of ISIL branches (Photo Credit: National Counterterrorism Center)

Across Europe, deadly attacks are happening at an alarming rate. In America, intelligence agencies continue to intervene and catch plans of would-be ISIS sponsored attacks on US soil. Despite these preventions, officials warn enough isn’t being done to keep attacks at bay. For instance, lone attacks are the biggest threat to America’s national security. These lone attacks are based on individuals being radicalized by the spreading ideology of ISIS.

Regardless of mayhem and warnings of danger on the horizon, the Obama administration’s fight against ISIS is virtually the same as always. While airstrikes prove effective in killing leaders and thousands of soldiers within the caliphate movement, the overall crushing of ISIS looks as though it will never come.

The President continuously seems to be losing to terrorism as his foreign policies fail to show competency.

In the last 36 hours, the administration’s deal with Iran has come under new scrutiny for a possible ransom payment made for American prisoners. The cash payment of $400 million in foreign currency was airlifted to Iran by an unmarked plane on the same day Tehran released hostages being held in the country.

The day following the hostage release, President Obama announced the US would start making payments to Iran in accordance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran Nuclear Deal. There was no mention of the plane filled with cash going to Tehran the day before.

In January, Obama approved initiating incremental payments of frozen assets to Iran. The lifting of sanctions and eventual payout of $1.7 billion to the state sponsor of terror remains the most controversial side deal of the infamous Iran deal.

State Department Spokesman John Kirby (Photo Credit: AFP)

The State Department insists the hostage negotiations and decision to send $400 million in cash to Iran were separate issues resolved at the same time. John Kirby, State Department spokesman, called the timing of both resolutions “coincidental” and denied the claims of the US paying ransom, citing laws against doing so.

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