Five Times Sprints have been F’ing Effective

Five Romes built in days.

Some people call it ‘Sprints’. Others ‘Workshops’. I met a guy that once called it a ‘Scrum’. ‘Flow’ rolls off the tongue nicely. Whatever you call it, chances are you mean working fast, focused and friggin’ hard. It’s not a new a concept. Check out these 5 examples of being totally in the Zone.

1. The Beatles album ‘Please Please Me’

The power of being poor and time-constrained

‘Please Please Me’ was recorded in one 13-hour day at Abbey Road Studios back in 1963. According to sources John Lennon worked his way through it gargling milk and shirtless. Classy.

“There can scarcely have been 585 more productive minutes in the history of recorded music” — Mark Lewisohn

2. Pablo Picasso

Working quick (and often very, very messy)

Although known for his minimal pieces, Picasso was famously fluid and focused when in ‘painting mode’. On average he managed two pieces a day over his 70 year professional career. Everyone loves a trier.

3. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Being emotionally engaged

It was something that I had to start immediately and couldn’t stop. It just seemed to flow out of me. I felt like a conduit for the story’ — John Boyne

This tragic novel of a boy living through the Holocaust was written in two and a half days. John Boyne, the author, barely stopped to eat or sleep whilst completely consumed in his work. Tissues and comfort food are very much recommended when watching the movie adaptation.

4. Minecraft

Being vision-led

According to Minecraft’s time of events, development to initial public release took around a week. Although it was a while before the ‘alpha’ version was made available, the mind behind Minecraft (Mindcraft!?), Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, worked solidly towards his inspired vision. I can only think of one other guy who created a whole universe in a week…

5. Every Rocky movie montage

Staying determined

Rocky beat Ivan Drago, the big scary Russian dude, after one intense montage and 5 beautiful minutes of cinema. He climbed a mountain and pulled a car through snow (arguably not the best creative ideation techniques).


History is full of amazing outcomes achieved when dedicated to working quickly. Here at Independents United, we remind ourselves of these achievements during every sprint or workshop we take part in. Not all of us are Rocky, but we all aim to be champions by the end of it.