Culture is King

by Omar Fadhil

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in” - Al Pacino, Godfather 3

Corporate culture. The two Cs. Alliteration at its bleakest. The humanisation of cogs in a machine.

23. Finance graduate. The corporate pessimist.

This is how culture won over a cynic’s heart.

#1 know what’s expected and disappoint 100X less

A good culture has clear boundaries for complete exploration in development. A good culture is multi-dimensional and multi-layered. Don’t faux pas, damage relations and make a complete ass of yourself. Exceed expectations by getting to know your culture and let it guide your best possible self. Knowing is half the battle.

#2 culture eats strategy for breakfast

Corporate culture is changing. Businesspeople are trading economics for philosophy. Values are trademarked. Ideologies are the new product extensions. Netflix and Google are giving the entrepreneurial idealists the flex to be weird and start-ups are running with it. A good business is no longer just strategy and after-tax profits; it’s mind, spirit and body.

#3 to truly exist, a company must exist in its employees

Flipping between work and home like a fish on dry land creates conflict — best avoided when company culture allows oneself to be identified within it. To find harmony between the two requires a culture that individuals want to believe in and embed into everyday life. Behaviours and values shouldn't be confused with financial targets!

#4 don’t let your culture stifle you

Happy people buy into crazy ideas, and there is no place for cynics in revolutions. Ideologies breed culture, and it only takes a couple of bad ideas to build a culture that gives back nothing.

Happiness + Freedom = Innovation.

Culture is the most important thing in the world. Culture is everywhere. But it only takes a great culture to have you realise the importance of its place at work. A good culture aligns, teaches and encourages happiness. A good culture is a safe space for those brimming with potential.

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