IU’s Revolutionary Workshop

‘Better than Google’ — FTSE 100 Company

Throughout our years we've collectively met enough frustrated innovators, enlightened CEOs, forward-thinking industry leaders and agency bods to know that achieving fundamental change in large corporations can be slow. Slow or non-existent. Non-existent or terrible; an idea drip-fed through bottom heavy organisations, exponentially getting worse or less relevant as it’s pulled down as a singular idea by a single individual, one unequipped to read the cues surrounding their industry.

Our workshop goal was simple; strip away those legacy systems and inject some revolutionary thinking.

Guided innovation to get your team further faster

(How we helped a FTSE 100 company plan their innovation pipeline in 2 days)

Independents United was born as a network, and as such we believe we are in the best position to provide live interaction with real sources of information, inspiration and creativity. Whether it’s from an entrepreneur, coder, designer or millennial in South Africa, our strength is that we provide on the spot and tailored thinking that float new results.

Step 1; Widening their perspective

We offered only honest perspectives, and by understanding the internal and external aspects started by projecting their business five years down the line (note: we didn't tell them what they wanted to hear).

By white space mapping, we provided a blank canvas and the fuel for fresh new thinking through insight and inspiration designed to surprise, stimulate and provoke. We gave the early-warnings, prompted discussions around the challenges, and facilitated conversation with honest insights, either via web-communication or in-house entrepreneurs and consumer bases. We helped opened their eyes to their audience, potential partners and disruptors.

Step 2; Providing a Safe Space to rapidly build and test

We took an Independents United approach; great ideas can come from anywhere. Promoting a safe space for creativity means spreading the net wide enough to ensure all ideas are captured from every member of the team. Quick fire ideations from all corners of the room were then carefully guided into sprints that build, prototype and iterate ideas fast.

We made sure the right people, tools and research were readily available for ideas to be validated and adapted, using instant real-time feedback. 12 ideas (including business models, TV shows and interactive smart packaging) were produced by 3 teams in one and a half days, using rapid iteration techniques, which were then discussed and narrowed down to 4 after a ‘keep or kill’ test.

Our ‘less talking, more doing’ workshop mantra was key to the idea development stage. The room remained outcome-focused, and endless debates and consensus were well and truly squashed.

Step 3; Building their platform for revolutions

Our FTSE 100 company were left with a series of ideas they created together and believed in whole-heartedly, and after a full analysis were given recommendations to help keep up their momentum for change. We remained by their side post-session to offer direction and achieved our client-united outcome; 4 prototyped ideas — each with an internal champion — scheduled for full development over the next 18 months. Result.


The Revolutionary Workshop trades tradition for a microcosm of Independents United’s way of working — fully collaborative and dedicated to achieving outcomes with speed and focus, fluid with an entrepreneurial, start-up mentality. We targeted a business’s attitude to idea creation, exposed them to a completely new way of doing things and ended up with genuinely innovative, exciting ideas at the end of it.

Throughout our years we’ve collectively met with enough businesses to know that starting a revolution doesn’t come as easily to them as it does for us. Turns out it could and mightn’t take long. 2 days maybe. Around the length of a workshop….