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APY.Vision + INDEX Coop Collaboration — NFT Giveaway

INDEX is giving PRO editions to DPI/ETH LPs via Limited Edition NFT Collectibles

To support our shared vision of enabling the democratization of finance for everyone, INDEX Coop and are giving away Special Limited Edition Pro Collectibles that give the NFT holder PRO access on for three months (valued at 1 ETH). Only 20 of these Limited Edition INDEXxAPY NFTs exist!

Win this awesome limited edition NFT that unlocks access to


  • Giveaway — Enter into the DPI/ETH liquidity provider (LP) pool to enter the Pro giveaway.
  • Index & Pro — Pro allows you to get deeper insights into your LP positions. You can use this to gain insights into your DPI/ETH LP position, viewing things such as your average entry price, impermanent loss, fees earned, net APY, and more that helps you to make better LP decisions.
  • Winners — 20 winners total will be drawn in the next two weeks, 10 winners in week 1, 10 winners in week 2.

What is INDEX Coop

Index Coop creates and maintains the world’s best fully collateralized crypto index product, the DPI index. It is a Decentralized and Autonomous Asset Manager governed, maintained, and upgraded by INDEX token holders. Their products are built on Set Protocol’s battle-tested V2 infrastructure, and product methodologies are sourced from industry experts like DeFi Pulse. INDEX Coop is running a liquidity mining program, and by staking DPI tokens to the DPI/ETH pair on Uniswap you can earn INDEX tokens.

What is APY.Vision is a platform that helps liquidity providers (LPs) track their liquidity pool holdings so they can maximize their gains (and minimize their losses) when providing liquidity. They offer research tools so that farmers can easily match their risk tolerance to the right tools in an easy to use, clean user interface.

INDEX + APY.Vision

As projects on the cutting edge of DeFi, APY.Vision and Index Coop make a natural pairing. Index liquidity providers are the trailblazers in advocating and advancing the DeFi space forward and APY.Vision gives the liquidity pool participants insights to become better LPs. The community for both products are passionate members and we want to thank the community for making this collaboration happen!

APY.Vision Pro Features has a free edition so that anyone can have access to insights to help them make better decisions as LPs. They also have a PRO edition for those wanting more robust features:

  • Real-time price quotes (vs. price quote refreshes every hour)
  • Remembering previous addresses
  • Grouping wallet addresses into one single account view
  • Expedited query speeds
  • Pool Insights advanced search
  • Watched pools with detailed APY information
  • Dark mode option
  • Tracking Total APY and returns with farming rewards included (common use case for LPs that farm with staking contracts) *
  • Daily summary emails *
  • Additional AMMs *

* Features will be released in subsequent releases

Contest Details

  • Stake — If you already stake in the DPI/ETH farm contract, you’re already eligible to participate in the giveaway! If you haven’t staked yet, you’ll need to stake the Uniswap DPI/ETH liquidity pool (UNI-V2) tokens in the INDEX staking contract, located at
  • Winners — Each week, for the next two weeks, we’ll be announcing ten winners (from a random block during the week) who stake in the DPI/ETH farm. The lucky winners will receive an INDEXxAPY NFT that allows access to the PRO edition of until March 31, 2021. We’ll be giving away a total of 20 NFTs to all the winners!
  • Announcements — We’ll announce the prize winners each week in our newsletter and our Twitter for the next two weeks.


What does holding the NFT give me?

By holding the INDEXxAPY NFT, the holder will have access to the professional edition. The PRO edition unlocks additional analytics and insights for liquidity providers.

How many winners will be there?

There will be 10 winners each week for the next 2 weeks, and each NFT will unlock access for 90 days to the PRO edition of (from the day of minting of the NFT).

How will the winners be contacted?

They’ll be announced in the Twitter and Discord, and we’ll also disclose more information on how to redeem these NFTs.

How can I learn more about

You can learn all about at

How do I learn more about Index COOP and staking in the farm contract?

Please go to to learn more about Index Coop, the DPI token, and staking into the DPI/ETH LP pool.



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