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The Index Coop

  • DPI streaming fee is 0.95%. This is split 70/30 between the Index Coop and DeFi Pulse. The total streaming fee has been shown within Revenue within the income statement, and the DeFi Pulse share is shown as a cost.
  • ETH2xFLI and BTC2xFLI, the Flexible Leverage Index series, each have a streaming fee of 1.95% (195 basis points). The revenue generated from the streaming fee is split 60/40 between the Index Coop and DeFi Pulse respectively. Similar to DPI income, revenue has been shown in totality, with the DeFi Pulse portion shown as a cost.
  • MVI streaming fee is 0.95%

Product performance — DPI, ETH2xFLI, BTC2xFLI, and MVI

  • Assets Under Management
  • Liquidity within Ethereum ecosystem
  • Daily Trading Volume
  • Annualized Product Fees
  • $10,000 USD per month ($5,000 as USDC & $5,000 as INDEX based on standard 20 day TDAP)
  • 0.15% of total INDEX supply (15,000) over 2 years with a 6-month cliff.
  • $20,000 per year stipend for family health insurance and further personal development.
  • Identify the primary sources and uses of funding
  • Set and maintain target levels of stable coin and high-quality liquid assets like ETH
  • Provide alternative responses or remediation plans to various scenarios
  • Plan to deal with temporary, short-term, and long-term INDEX price disruptions
  • Operate within working capital risk tolerance levels with oversight from the TWG




The Index Cooperative is a global community that produces the world’s best “on-chain” crypto indexes

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Elliott Watts

Elliott Watts

Core contributor at the Index Coop with a background in TradFi - Chartered Accountant

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