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Simplified Kundalini Yoga Exercises, a boon in the times of the pandemic

A simple yet effective set of exercises to remain healthy and boost immunity in this pandemic

I’ll get straight to the point. While learning SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) exercises at one of the centres in Chennai (World Community Service Center WCSC) one of the of the instructors there mentioned how he had been practicing these exercises for over two decades and that these exercises have helped him maintain such good health that he hasn’t had a pill in all those two decades. He was in his seventies, thin as a pencil and without any comorbidities. However his story of his sister was the one that blew me away. He told me how his sister had cervical cancer and how her days were numbered. However with SKY exercises and another exercise called Kaya Kalpa (which can only be learnt from a master under oath) he was able to give her an additional 12 years to live. She passed away at the age of 84.

Normally the thought of Yoga brings numerous painful contortions of the body to mind. These can only be done by practitioners who have been practicing it for long periods of time or for those young ones with nimble bodies. Vethathiri Maharishi, the founder of SKY exercises assures us that anyone from 7 to 77 can do them. The exercises are hardly strenuous and can be easily completed in 30 minutes or less. Best of all they need to be done just once in a day preferably on waking up in the morning.

SKY is a combination of gently pressing marma points (accupressure points), mudras (hand gestures), massage, bhandhas (knots as they are called in Yoga), reflexology, light stretching and breathing exercises and more they not only provide the energy for the day but in the long run prevent and cure a number of diseases too. For a complete list of benefits watch the English video (link at the bottom of this post) that demonstrates all these exercises.

For the current pandemic these exercises help best with the cleaning of the breathing apparatus and oxygenating them. Blood and Prana (life-energy) are circulated well to all parts of the body increasing the overall immunity to fight disease and the viruses in vogue, Covid and its mutants.

Below is the YouTube video where Vethathiri Maharishi himself is demonstrating these exercises. The video and audio quality are poor. The video also is in Tamil.

25'th July, 2021 — “Linga Mudra” a hand gesture in yoga (clasping of the palms of the hands) has been gaining some press and media recently particularly after a research was done by IIT Madras about its efficacy in providing more oxygen to the lungs, something very useful in these times of the pandemic. The Linga Mudra also increases heat in the body of the practitioner. One exercise from the set of the Simplified Kundalini Yoga exercises (the eye exercises) makes the practitioner hold his hands in a similar fashion though not exactly as it is done in the Linga Mudra. Image of Linga Mudra below.

Linga Mudra, image courtesy of



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