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Why Self-Help Guru Robin Sharma should stop wearing black clothes

How black colour has a way of attracting negativity, negative energy etc.,

Robin Sharma (No use getting a colour pic as he is dressed in Black anyway, even socks?)

You thought wearing Black was the latest cool? Robin Sharma, the author of “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” and “The 5 AM club” (BTW, two of the most terribly boring books on Self-Help) is probably so fond of the colour black because ever since I have seen him in pictures, he is dressed in black attire only. Yes, his shirts, tees, trousers, belts and shoes are all black. Just do a search for his pic in Google and check the images tab. 99% of the images here feature him in black clothes.

For a person steeped in the science of perfecting one’s productivity, career and life, I think he should listen to mystic and yogi Jaggi Vasudev who has a warning about wearing black. According to Sadhguru, (as he is popularly called) black has a tendency to absorb everything around it and so one should be weary of wearing black particularly in places where there is so much sadness and negativity. He was hinting that black should never be worn at funerals. In contrast in the U.S. one can see almost everyone adorning black costumes at funerals. According to Sadhguru, 20–25% of the psychological problems in people can be attributed to their wearing black clothes all the time.

I recall learning that black was good for cold weather as it absorbs and retains heat but Sadhguru says it absorbs everything around it unlike white which does the opposite i.e reflect instead of absorb. This absorption of the energies from outside can cause psychological instability in one due to the improper energy functioning in the system.

I am not sure if Robin Sharma is using black as some fashion statement but he can certainly try other colours.

Meanwhile here is the link to Jaggi Vasudev’s talk on the detrimental nature of black clothes. But isn’t Sadhguru wearing black as well in this video cover pic? Probably Yogis know a way of getting around it.




Mark Twain called India, “The cradle of Human Civilization” and India has a lot to offer to the world in bringing joy, peace and good health to all. This is my small attempt at bringing this joy, peace and good health to you.

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