Lifecycle of a film: Explained

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Filmmaking typically involves three phases: preproduction, production, and postproduction. In preproduction, preparations are made for recording the film’s footage. During production, the film is shot on set with the cast and crew. And in postproduction, the footage is edited and refined to complete the film.

Filmmaking Process Explained: Indiashoots

Different filmworkers have varying degrees of involvement in each phase. Some workers, such as producers and directors, are involved throughout the lifecycle of the film. Others, such as visual effects artists who work with completed footage, may have minimal involvement in one phase and do most of their work in another. Filmworkers’ tasks are described in the article but are not included in the graphic.

This graphic follows the lifecycle of a film from script idea to final approval. Every major step is outlined for each of the phases. Although the complete lifecycle can last a few months to a few years, the steps shown in production repeat daily during that phase. In addition, some steps happen simultaneously within each phase.