महाकाल और बाजी राव

There are 84 manifestations of Mahadev. The temples for all these manifests can be found in Ujjain. Out of these 84, 4 are situated at Mahakaleshwar temple courtyard. One such form is known as “Swapneshwar Mahadev”, the concept of which dwells on the significance of dreams and the state of man when sleeping and dreaming. It also distinguishes, in detail, between waking and sleeping conditions.

As it happened with many Shiva temples, the Mahakal temple was also plundered by Mughal Invasion. The Temple was then rebuilt during the reign of Chhatrapati Shahu by his peshwa Baji Rao.

Baji Rao was a super man and remained undefeated.

The current states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are basically anchored, and find their origination, in him.

It was Baji Rao who gave away his “Jāgir” to one of his commanders, “Holkar”, allowing them to maintain and collect revenues. The Mahakal temple came under his another commander, “Shinde”, who later came to be known as Scindia. They Ruled Gwalior, and held their family functions in the temple courtyard till Independence.

The best, Shindes and Holkars, could do with their “given” empires were to fight against each other!. And worse, ask for British help in fighting with each other!!. Miserable folks. And that is how British Swallowed India.

Uttar Pradesh had Muslim Rulers. These Muslims fought along-with the Marathas against Mughals and British/Euro. These Muslims were actually the lineage of Baji Rao and his wife Mastāni. Mastāni herself was the daughter of Hindu King Maharāj Chhatrasāl and his Muslim wife.

All these Muslim rulers had alternate Hindu Names.

I don’t remember reading about Baji Rao in my school text books.

My neighbourhood’s rotary, that is built to regulate heavy vehicular traffic on Ring Road, is called “महाराजा छात्रसाल चौराहा”.

Not until Baji Rao Mastani feature film had released, I knew or was interested in this important piece of history. what a shame!

The first thing should be to be fascinated and awed by our own selves. then look outwards.

( I wrote this in 2016. found it in my notes this morning while going through old archived stuff)