Blue Is the Warmest Color: A French Kiss to Cinema

Blue Is the Warmest Color (French: La Vie d’Adèle — Chapitres 1 & 2 — “The Life of Adèle — Chapters 1 & 2”)

Movies. There are movies. The good ones and the bad ones. Let us not talk about them. There are movies. The great ones. Let us forget them for a while. There are movies. Movies beyond greatness. It is hard but ignore them. Then there are movies -ones beyond beyond greatness. “Blue is the warmest color” is one such film that oozes out warmth even when you have been in there only for a few minutes. It opens out in an ordinary manner like every coming big change of life, challenging the notion that movies are larger than life. But then in next couple of hours, it swoops up better than Ferrari. It runs. It lives. It laughs. It cries. It weeps. It sings. It dances. It loves. It miffs. It fucks. It fucks up. It meets. It departs. It rejoices. It despairs. It becomes happy. It becomes sad. What a life this Adele has!!
 Life of Adele. It tells story of two girls who fall in love with each other and then they keep falling. They fall up to a point where falling becomes too monotonous. Where love becomes a chore. Where sex becomes a weapon of revenge. Where all rationale, where all broad thoughts, where all open concepts, where all modernism, where all new waves give in to love. Love eats it all. And then it starts to hurt. Only love can hurt like this. And there is no cure. This film explores all the facades of love. Love that sprouts in a tender way. That grows like the success and that makes you high like never before. Love that has all the colors of the world, that contains all the joy of life, that awakens the sense of belonging. But it is not all white. It is not all black. You know why, because blue is the warmest color.

Love is a twisted tale. Love is pain. Love is rejection. Love is cold. Love is selfish. Love is angry. Love is jealousy. Love is agony. Love is alone. Love is messy. Love is screwed up. Love is love. You own it or you do not. It is good to be human. It is good to be broad minded. It is good to be open. It is good to be human. But god made human out of monkeys. We are animals. We can wear colognes, we can eat with forks, we can smoke pot but we cannot kill the animal inside us. It is there and it will come out. Love and hate will make you the animal again. You will not suffer the infidelity. You will not allow the one to belong to others. You will not tolerate the one, licking someone else’s body. You will not. You will not allow yourself to categorize as somebody’s second option. You will not. You will prefer to cry. You will prefer to fight. You will prefer to hate. You will prefer to stay away. That is what love is. That is what love does to you. It makes a fool out of you. It makes you a different person. A different one, not always a better one.
 I often wondered about love. But then it is just the way love is supposed to be. In every love story, there are fragile moments. There are chinks. And you cannot cover it on your own. It is a two way affair. If you are about to give in, you have to call out. You have to reach to the one. If you are not willing to, if you are not able to, you have set the fire. Very soon, it will vaporize bit by bit. Love is like camphor. Even if you will be able to extinguish the fire, half of it has already gone. And if there is love, if there was love, you will weep like Adele did for the rest of the life.

Somebody told me, “Being polygamous is not bad at all. They both could have understood each other. It is not as sleeping with somebody else makes you a different person. It was just Adele’s way to express her anger.”
 I didn’t want to. But I had to. “It does not. Sleeping with somebody else will not make you a different person. But it will make the other person a different one. That is what love does to you.”

“But what about Adele’s anger? How else could she express her anger towards being ignored?”

“She could have killed her. She could have gunned her down. But she opted a different path of sleeping with the boy. And while she was walking on the other path, she chose to ignore her love. For that period of time when she was with that boy, her love ceased to exist. The love vanished from this universe. It was black. It was darkness. And that hurts. That hurts because love is like a long rope entwined by two people. If there is a gap in between, nobody will be able to walk on it.”

No more discussion went on. Perhaps, Adele’s love was destined to end in an unlikable situation. But if ever there was love, it had to end like that. Love is such a drug that once you tasted it, you will never be happy without it. Even if you chose to ignore it for a few minutes, it will haunt you forever.
 It could have been a happy ending but characters chose their own destiny. Adele chose to ignore love and everything became blue afterwards. But then, it is her love, her choice. And Anyways, it is life of Adele and as they say, “Blue is the warmest color.”

PS: This is as real as it can get. I do understand the urge to classify everything in these debauched times, but this should be watched as a movie. Not as some LGBT, queer or gay movie. ONLY a movie. A movie. Very much like love. THE LOVE.
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