Dreams Or Desires

It was around 3 AM that I woke up with this question playing loose in my mind like a nomadic horse running with the speed of light. It wasn’t planted at that moment or instant, but rather was there somewhere in my subconscious mind hiding behind the dust of my demented thoughts; is there a difference between dreams and desires?

While you can dream about your desires but you can’t really desire for your dream? Or maybe I am wrong, it is confusing when it comes to differentiate between these two; rather there is a very thin line between these two.

While the dreams are born from the rubble of pain desires are born from the palaces of pleasures. However the failure of dream might result in learning pleasure but of desire in pain for sure, so there can be a correlation between these two if we talk in terms of pleasure and pain; Two worldly emotions per say.

While the psychological world we all are part of is largely dictated by our desires; it could be desire for something or someone. These desires by and large drive our thoughts and restrict our ability to see beyond the dimensions of physics. In a layman’s term I can say that Dreams cannot let you sleep but maybe you want to sleep with your desire. So it’s a craving, thirst, wish, aspiration or itching for something which is available in physical dimensions or a sweet intoxication.

Now what is a dream? For me a dream is something which gives you an eternal sense of satisfaction or achievement. Dream is hope, dream is an unseen reality, dream is the flight of imagination, dream is the possibility to make changes in one’s life or the society as a whole, dream is divine, dream gives you wing to fly and reach the untouched contours, dream is freedom and dream isn’t bound by physical dimensions. A dream gives us a sense of purpose and the sense of purpose can be achieved by a visionary implementation and hard work.

Another basic difference I see is that you desire for the things you see but dream things that never were; and you say, ‘Why not?’” But over the course of your journey, your dreams and desires changes and until unless one established a co-relation between two it is difficult to achieve or fulfill one another.

While the desires are physical in nature, dreams can be metaphysical for example — I dreamt that I became a butterfly now there is half reality and half illusion(Desire) in this, can I become a butterfly nay but I sure can learn to fly. So dreams can partially be unrealistic desires and desires can partially be dreamt therefore a correlation of coefficient exists.

I am still lost in the dreams of my desires; all I want in this life are three –

A utopia of love and nirvana

A breath of hashish

And thee!

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