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Forgetting : Not always a bad thing….

Memories are always beautiful, whether they are good or bad, in a way they always help us to develop our personality and character. But there are times when we want to get rid of certain kind of memories of our past, specially those which keep us haunting and somehow we just can’t get rid of those.

Imagine how easy our life would be if we get a chance to erase our wrong done….How easy it would be if we start again from zero like situation, after forgetting all those mistakes and unfortunate moments of our life….It will be like our old kindergarten days, when we were simply rubbing off all those mistakes with eraser and were able to write them again….Talking all these looks like a fairy tale because when we commit mistakes or do any wrong, the marks of those wrong done are so deeper, which just can’t be erased from our memories.

But, there is a good news and a rare study has given some hope that if we follow certain rule then we may forget those unpleasant moment of our life, which we don’t want to remember anymore. Here, I say it a rare study because people working on memory usually focus on how we remember things and consider the art of forgetting a kind of failure, where as this study is talking about “forgetting things rather than remembering”…. The scientists associated with the research have realized that forgetting things are also as important as remembering. It’s like intentionally pushing thoughts out of our mind, when we don’t want to think about them any more.

For example, we might want to forget a traumatic event of our life, so that we can focus on our future life in a better way. No need to say that getting rid of certain information will clear some space of our brain for the new information. The idea of motivated forgetting began initially in 1894, when philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote “man must be able to forget intentionally, in able to move forward.

Recently, study done at Dartmouth and Princeton universities says that with a bit of training, we can intentionally forget those memories, which we don’t like to remember anymore.... The researchers have suggested that same information could eventually be used to enhance the memories we’d rather keep and help people to store things more efficiently in their heads, as well as downplaying the effect of that harmful memories can have better effect on people. Scientists say that If people are able to encourage this “flushing” process by changing the contexts that memories exist in, they might be able to fill that mental space with new information, that will help potentially making us better and more efficient.

But, there are people in the international society who are not in favor of such intentional or motivated forgetting, they have an idea that it may have ill effects on the society by forcing people to forget things for their own benefits. Their argument is that our courts are dealing cases on specific issues like child abuse and people may force the victims to intentionally forget those year old events of their childhood. On the other hand people who are in favor of the research say that it may serve important functions for humanity, specially for those suffering from post traumatic disorder.

Let’s see what happens and how far we can be successful when it come to forgetting things purposely. But, my ideal mind is simply thinking that “instead of forgetting every wrong done, they must be treated as an opportunity towards improvisation….”

Moreover, life would be so boring if there are only good memories to live with, after all…..“ज़िन्दगी में थोड़ा EXCITEMENT तो बनता है ”

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