Human Life — A Psychological Realm or Existential Reality

Image: Manas Mishra
“You are free and that is why you are lost.” — Franz Kafka

The Creator created us human as the most sophisticated creation of his own; we are a level ahead of all of his creations and a level below of himself. But then why are we so full of hatred and above all if we are his supreme creation, why do we suffer? All Relations, Pleasure and sufferings; are these part of the Creator’s plan or are we creating it on our own?

Truth is that the Creator created us all the same as part of his cosmic existential reality and what we live in is nothing but the psychological reality created by our own mind. It is all an illusion where we see the world; the way we think about it, the way we believe in it.But is this real? For Example we believe that Sun rise in the east but by what assertion we know that it is the East, Earth is Round in Shape and in the Cosmic Milky Way we are located how we know what is east and what is west?

So we tried to establish the psychological reality with our sense of directions, actions, dramas and dreams because the creator empowered us with the greatest tool of Imagination and emotion. During this process we create the psychological relations and link it with the emotions and that cause the sufferings at times.

We start believing in what we call a religion or faith. We try to submit ourselves to the Outward Powers to seek the Peace and love and keep moving away with the existential reality. We blame the Karma or god for the mess we created around us but who knows what Karma is; it took us human; the most intellectual of all to discover and know about the miniscule Atom; a practice of thousand years and work of centuries and yet we all know that for all our sufferings it is the Karma who is bitching somewhere. Again for me it is nothing but a step further away from our existential reality.

Our Existential reality is to start the Inward Journey and to step a level up and get united with our creator. A journey which is not carried by your body because for the Creator the only purpose of creating your body was to give your cosmic reality a sense and a chance to live your psychological reality and use that to embark on the existential one. Your body acts as a timer for you to make you realize that with each passing minute your are constantly moving towards the ultimate reality i.e.: Death. Irrespective of when and where your mind moves, your body moves in a straight line to one and only one destination “The grave”. So we need to embark on the Inward Journey; treat our body as Temple and pray the Creator and perhaps be him or with him into the world of existential Reality. This will open a new world; a world full of profound happiness and love; a world which Exist within not around us.