Just like that……

Friends, Have you ever enjoyed the winter from inside your blanket while the ceiling fan rotating at its full speed….???

Actually, I am simply loving it these days…. Gulaabi Sardi…Mink Blanket… and the fan at its full speed…

What a great combination of these three…..

Friends, those of you, who are living in this part of the world…next time when you sign your day off, make sure that the windows are open….. switch on the ceiling fan, let it get a good speed and then simply slide into the blanket…. and enjoy the weather.

But the sad part of the story is, my beloved wife doesn’t like to have the fan rotating during this season… so I have to keep off my fan when she is there…

As I am typing this post, here is my beloved wife coming into the room and switches off the ceiling fan… and I am staring at the fan dropping its speed, but can’t do anything because I have to keep HER in the same blanket for obvious reasons, of-course … ;D

An old saying, “when you can’t beat them, join them…” and needless to say that “I can’t even think of beating HER….

So simply praying that one day SHE will realize the pleasure of this rotating fan during Gulabi Sardi….


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