Learning design through everyday observations

Pranjal Naik
Jun 14 · 2 min read

I recently attended an interesting workshop at IDC, IIT Bombay which was exclusively organised to resolve the conflict about defining design, appropriately named as “Demystifying Design”.

I learnt a unique approach of learning design through everyday observations. The professor over their showed us a plethora of real-life observations captured by him to introduce us to different ways of seeing.

By the end, I was convinced that observation is the key tool towards identifying needs, understanding human behaviors and improving one’s design thinking.

I immediately applied this technique to improve my observation skills. Some of the pictures captured by me:

Why should parents have all the fun?
Long Legged chairs have always been problematic. Do you think 4 people can sit comfortably in this arrangement? This is a crowded cafe in my locality but this portion of the cafe is always unoccupied.
I leave this to your own interpretation ;)
Innovative design but I think this design is not suitable for carrying in a train. As the structure needs support, his one hand is occupied in holding it. As train is in motion, you’ve to hold it firmly.
Just Pull out the plastic part and its ready to use. “Design is in the details”
Are they kidding with these TR outlets?

These were designed to keep kids from putting hands into them. Well, I think they succeeded there but why do they have to be on heighted outlets as well?

How people with arthritic hands or elders will ever be able to manage them?

Bigger phones, bigger pockets?

Another observation..

That’s it. I continue to capture such design observations as and when I spot them.

Which other techniques do you know to improve observation skills? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

Indian Design Community

Sharing learning and experiences of designers in India

Pranjal Naik

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Aspiring designer. From Mumbai, India.

Indian Design Community

Sharing learning and experiences of designers in India

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