The Chaat Festival…..let’s Chat About Chaat !!! :)

Chaat is that food….especially savoury…., which makes every person eating it, … lick off the fingers with gluttony.

A chatora is someone who can just not live without chaat and street food ! Do you happen to be a self-proclaimed chatora?

We have a Chaat festival here at itsPotluck and for that we bring to you some versatile chaat recipes. Presenting chaats and chaat ideas with recipes with tradtional and innovative touch. The explosion of flavours will be a perfect treat to your taste buds……Drool on ! ;)

Disclaimer : Please don’t blame us if you go crazy and hungry for chaat , while reading the article. Simplify those hunger pangs and chaat cravings by making some of these recipes right in your kitchen !!

Bollywood Loves to Chat over Chaat

1. Papdi Chaat Indian Recipe /marudhuskitchen By: V.marudhavani

A traditional chaat variety from the streets of so many cities…. Papdi chaat is loved by all the chaat-lover foodies. This chaat recipe is a simple guide to make the perfect chaat with a store-bought papdi. Checkout more recipes for homemade papdi as wel ! :D

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2. Chana Chatpatti *twist On Indian Street Food* By: Zainab Dokrat

A chaat normally has to look so attractive that one cannot just resist. This one here…..looks so tempting and irrestible that we have to try it out for sure. Make it to serve in parties or get-togethers and see your guests sweeping their plates off with this appetizing and yummylicious chaat ! :D

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3. Moong Sprouts Chaat (salad) By: Vardhini

Sprouts are just so good to consume on a daily basis…, they’re the best sources of Proteins. This moong sprouts chaat is a very healthy and nourishing recipe for all the weight-watchers chaat-lovers. Hog and indulge to any extent you want without the guilt-factor ! :D

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4. No Fry Dahi Bhalla Chaat By: Shaheen Ali

We get too busy indulging in yummy food that sometimes we ignore the effect it has on our health. This Dahi Bhalla recipe shows you how to cut down on that extra fat/oil by making the non-fried Bhalla and then of course making it so yummy with the ting-tang and the zest of chaat flavours ! :D

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5. Sev Puri Recipe — How To Make Mumbai Sev Puri Recipe By: Charulata

You all must have heard the song “ Main to raste se ja raha tha, main toh bhelapuri kha raha tha….!! “

Chaat innovations come and go, but the love for SevPuri is eternal and never-ending.This beauty hails from the streets of Mumbai and has even found its place in elite restauarants over the world. We never tried making this at home….but why not go for it? We can ensure that we avoid eating down the streets every now and then atleast ! :D

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6. Peanut Chaat — Beach Style !!! By: Swapna Pravin

Peanuts are a good source of nutrition if cooked right in a healthy way and if consumed in a right quantity. This chaat recipe is a good option for all chaat enthusiasts who prefer keeping it flavorful yet simple and easy ! :D

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7. Tandoori Aloo Chaat By: Deepti Gupta

We declare aloo as the king of vegetables…..because it can be so yummy at times. Aloo chaat from streets of Delhi is a personal favourite comfort food. It happens to be that we can make a variety of chaats and snacks from the meagre potato. So this chaat variant is a mix between the chatpata snack we like and the chilly-evening ka friend,. the barbeque or tandoori food ! :D

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8. Samosa/ Banarasi Samosa Chaat By: Shreya Tiwari

Why limit the style of having a samosa to only with chutney? The crispy fried triangular piece of awesomeness, teamed up with tangy chutney and spicy matra/peas curry, wooohooo…. pure foodgasmic it sounds ! :D

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9. Dahi Poori By: Soma Saharay

This recipe is originally from food guru Sanjeev Kapoor. It is a Dahi kachori made from scratch. First assemble everything prior and you’re ready to go during parties. Serves as an easy and quick idea to serve to large crowd as the puri can be pre-made ! :D

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10. Dill Leaves Pakoras Chaat By: Rinku

This recipe is a staple right from the streets of Central parts of India. Pakoras are made from Dill leaves and then assembled as a chaat. Dill leaves pakora recipe is also mentioned within…, make from scratch and enjoy the innovative recipe ! :D

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11. Mooli-mangodi Chaat By: Pintoo

Did you just read correct? Yes foodies….this is something ever unheard of…. a chaat with mooli (radish) and mangodi (dal based). Mangodi will be small pakodis fried and mooli is pink radish. Let aside all the dieting woes and indulge into a huge helping of this……it looks so colourful and delicious that you will make it again and again ! :D

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12. Chatpata Kala Chana Chaat — Mumbai Street Food — No Oil Recipe By: Aahaaram

Through the streets of cities…to the comfort and hygiene-safety of our very own kitchen…the chaat variety keeps differing. This one here, is an extremely easy…and nutritios one. Chana are soaked prior, so we can make it as an instant food, for parties, pre-dinner snack or just to munch on when hunger or gluttony strikes… ! :D

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13. Capsicum Aloo Paneer Tikki By: Padma Veeranki

Aloo tikki from the streets of many Indian cities….that too deep fried till crisp…. Plus there’s an add on of capsicum and paneer. Just imagine how flavorful, colorful and delightful it would taste ! :D

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14. Homemade Canape Papdi Chaat By: Jyothi Rajesh

Chaat is supposed to be hygienic and unhealthy?? well, not anymore. With this chaat basket making recipe at home, we can make sure all the chaat is healthy and safe for eating. The chaat basket does not contain maida…., so go and indulge. Then it is filled with sprouts, making it a cherry on the top for all you chatoras ! :D

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15. Puri Recipe For Pani Puri By: Padma Veeranki

Panipuri, puchka, golgappe… it what name you like… but it is the nationally accepted king of any chaat varieties. Go to any part of India… place will be where you cannot find the yummazing treat….suit your tastebuds though with homemade healthier and more hygienic puri for panipuri ! :D

Recipe Link :

16. Idli Chaat By: Subhashni

The child or the family isn’t clearly fond of idlis or you have had too many leftover idlis or just because this is an amazing idea….we should be trying making this idli chaat recipe for the chaat-cravings alongwith a healthier variation and innovation! :D

Recipe Link :

17. Chana Jor Garam Recipe, How To Make Chana Jor Garam (chaat Recipe) By: Gopi Patel

Right from school days….till today’s evenings at the park or fair….the Chana Jor Garam or the pressed chana chaat has been a constant love. It is not too commonly seen in every street, for some reasons….so how about making it at home!

We used to even call it chana-chor at some point…..did you do that too ? :D

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18. Cucumber Barley And Pomegranate Chat By: Anuradha Balasubramanian

What can be done if you happen to crave chaat, yet want to stick to your healthy-eating regime ? Well, innovation like this happens. Cucumber cups and a chatpati chaat in it…. , we aren’t complaining at all….. try for yourself ! :D

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19. Kaara Pori By: Vidhyalakshmi

Call it kara pori or jhaal moori…. this delectable and light weight dish is for all your regular chaat cravings…times when you cannot have fried chaats , this one will prove as a healthy alternative without any compromise on the zing factor ! :D

Recipe Link :

20. Potato Basket Chaat By: Sharanya

Oh how much we all love love potatoes in everything…., and most chaat varieties are almost incomplete without the good old Potato. This one is a chaat with first making the chaat basket of potato and then filling it with spicy matra chaat, then topped with curd. This is gonna tantalize those tastebuds and give you a perfect kick of chatpata-ness ! :D

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Moral of the Story : “ No matter how your day is going,… Chaat and Panipuri will always make it better…! “

Post chaat and other chatpata food recipes with #itsChaat hashtag and keep ’em coming !!! :D :D :D

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