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How Siri helps my iPhone live longer

Your iPhone battery will last longer if you don’t overcharge it and Siri can now help prevent that

It’s easy to get Siri to warn you when your phone is being overcharged

Charging to 100% shortens a battery’s life

What I learned from this experience was charging my phone to 100% is a bad idea as it causes the battery to overheat and reduces its life. Ideally, if you want your battery to last longer, you shouldn't charge it above 75%, and not let it discharge below 25%. Of course, the compromise is you get less capacity (uptime) than a 100% charged battery.

My iPhone is proof that undercharging works

Three years after replacing my phone’s battery, I can verify that avoiding overcharging does extend a battery’s life. My iPhone’s battery which I replaced in 2018 is still at 95% health.

Same phones, same age batteries, but mine (left) stayed within 40–80% charge range

The newer the phone, the better the performance

I must say my battery still does discharge quickly for processor-intensive tasks. Like if I shoot a video, the battery discharges at around 1% per minute. However, I don’t think the battery is at fault here. It’s just that the hardware of a six-year-old iPhone can’t keep up with the demands of the latest software (OS and apps) without the battery draining quickly.

Avoiding overcharging is a chore

Unfortunately, unlike Tesla, Apple does not automatically turn off the phone charger at 80%. iPhones do have a software switch that allows the OS to control/stop charging. So theoretically, iPhone users should be able to decide to what percentage they wish to charge their phones. Or at the very least, iOS should warn them when their phones go past a certain preset battery charge level. But the feature hasn’t been provided to users as yet.

Automation is the solution

I have been using an app called Battery Life to send me a notification when the battery reaches 80% while charging. On getting this notification, I unplug my charger. The problem is I often miss this notification. I don’t have this issue on my Android, as the Accubattery app I use has a distinctive alarm tone that is hard to miss.

Step-by-Step Demo

Open the ‘Shortcuts’ app, tap the ‘Automation’ button, and on the next page scroll down and select ‘Battery Level.’ (If this option is missing, then you need to update your Shortcuts app and iOS to the latest versions.)



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