State Budgets Need Your Analysis

The Government of India plans to spend Rs. 16,800 per Indian this year. Did you know that most developed states have their governments spending much more on residents? Last year, Maharashtra spent Rs. 20,600 per state resident, Gujarat Rs. 23,000, Karnataka Rs. 24,700, Tamil Nadu Rs. 25,400 — with Kerala and Haryana spending almost 32,000 rupees per resident! This is close to twice what the Union government spends on each of us.

But do we as citizens, journalists and analysts ask how our states are spending their revenues? What the trends in the revenues and expenditures of our states have been? Or hold our states accountable for their budget promises? Despite knowing of states’ federal and fiscal role, we barely discuss state budgets with the same fervor as the union budget. The Union budget gets cover-to-cover analysis on release, with further discussions that go on for a month or more. State budgets make it to a page or two on the day of the announcement and disappear soon after.

At Takshashila, we believe that #StatesMatter. State Budgets need your analysis.

State budgets need your analysis. You can analyse budgets, contribute human stories or interview experts, as you like. Wondering how will you find the time to accomplish an interesting but onerous task? Don’t worry. We will send you templates and tutorials to make it very easy. Plus, there will be a few prizes as an extra motivation. :)

Join us in informing the public, that #StatesMatter as much as our union.

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