ज्ञ — The Knowledge Game

Universe displays intelligence in variety of scales and dimensions. Intelligence that is exhibited in the design of the sub-nuclear world, in the workings of DNA, and in vast bacterial colonies — one who knows it all, is ज्ञ. 
The idea that certain arrangement of consciousness (jiva) can become aware of its own reality is encapsulated in the syllable ज्ञ. 
I don’t have any idea how universe works, so we move onto something that my feeble intellect can handle. 
What is the significance of ज्ञ, and how it shaped our language ?
First of all we need to know how ज्ञ is pronounced, and what is its origin. 
When we join two letters ज and ञ it gives us ज्ञ. Understand that ज is pronounced as ja and ञ is pronounced as na. But this na is not the normal na, as in the word normal. It is spoken by placing the tongue on the palate.
Just take the tongue to that position, and speak “ja”, and then from same position try to utter “na”.

Touch the palate with your tongue and try to say naaaa.

But, that is only ञ . Now try to speak ज and ञ together. It is tough, I understand. Because of this intrinsic difficulty in speaking ज्ञ, it has acquired different versions in modern languages. 
Somewhere it called “gya”(ग्य), somewhere “gnya”(ग्न्य), somewhere “gna”(ग्न), somewhere “jna”(ज्न), and “jya” (ज्य) in some places.
However, the correct pronunciation is none of these. It is almost impossible for me to say ज्ञ in its truest form. It is “jnya”.

ज्ञ takes the form of Gnos in European countries. This is how the word for cult of Gnosticism came into being. And opposite to the cult was the word Agnostic
In modern English, Gnos took the form of Knos. Thus giving words like Know and Knowledge
Now you have understood why the k in know is silent. 
In Indic languages like Hindi. जान, जानना, जानता are the words that derive themselves from ज्ञ. 
There are many words that come out from the syllable, which I leave for your exploration. Exploration is key to openness of mind and formation of knowledge.

Keep exploring and Stay Awesome.

Stay tuned for Awesome.

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