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13 Unusual Signs That You Are Smarter Than Everyone Else

You’re More Intelligent Than You Think

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Everyone in this world is smarter and different from others. Each one of us experienced or having an interest in different fields. If so, then how can we identify that you are smarter than everyone else?

Want to know the 15 Unusual signs that you’re smarter than everyone else? Let’s get into this.

You Don’t put over effort into anything you do:

Doing something new means something new information comes easily to you. Then you will get a good chance to get smarter than the other by knowing different information.

First and foremost, don’t think that you can’t do it. Because most of you struggling sometimes to remember something. It means you’re training your brain to work more effectively. In a simple way, your brain needs a workout like your body.

No more problem being in your own company:

Researchers believe that, if you have superintelligence, then you don't expect others to give the company.

Commonly, many people like to hang with their friends or with their partners because they believe that they will bring happiness. But the highly intelligent people don't want this desire.

Take a long time to fall asleep:

Are you taking more time to fall asleep even after drinking warm milk? If so, then you’re smarter than the other. The reason is your brain is too busy to go through and answer lots of things that have in your mind.

You can ignore the heart at any time:

Many people face many difficulties to make a decision. But, smarter people know the trick that they don't take time to make a decision. Why because they know that the sooner the decision is made sooner the things will continue.

So make your decision quickly to become smarter people.

You talk to yourself a lot:

Smarter people are always happy in their own company. They don't need others to help or validate their inner thoughts. So simply, if you speak yourself a lot, then you’re smarter than the other.

Social Anxiety:

Are you struggling to mix with people? Can’t make friends easily? Then sure, you experience social anxiety.

For example, if you head an event, then you start to worry about it like dry mouth or itchy throat. But don’t worry it's not a social anxiety disorder. it means you are smarter than the other.

Worry a lot:

Worry is linked to intelligence. Because worry and anxious mind are busy in considering all the in and out of life to find the right solution.

Psychologists say that worried people have the highest possibility to save themselves from a dangerous situation than the other.

Know what you don't know:

Mostly smarter people know that they don’t know everything in this world. Moreover, They have a clear view that there is something need to learn and develop themselves. For this, there is no age difference.

You’re open to learning new things. Additionally, you won't pass any wrong judgments until you know all the facts completely.

Don't post inspirational quotes on social media:

Lots of believing that people who are posting inspirational quotes on social media are not intelligent compared to the others. The reason is Smarter people usually don’t take other words as law.

Only they will believe after investigation and their own conclusion. Better to post motivational quotes instead of it. This means a lot to someone.

Messy Desk:

Generally, Intelligence is difficult to define in a simple word. Sometimes you’d think that intelligent people have everything on the table and organized in the workplace but it's not true.

Creativity is a common trait of smarter people. Researchers said that if you have a messy setup or surroundings, you will come up with different creative ideas than the other. But keep in mind it’s not a hygienic way to lead a life.

Cold Showers:

Some of you heard that bathing or swimming in cold water gives energy to your body. Yes, that’s true. Coldwater helps to decrease tension in your mind. Not only that but also it helps to improve the mood and memory. So, your brain function will boost and increase productivity.


Previously, scientists thought that mind-wandering affect people negatively. The new researches said that it’s not the case. It means giving an incubation period during the mindless task helps to boost problem-solving and creativity. So if you worried about daydreaming, then you have better creativity than the other and smarter as well.


Starting or ending your day, mediate at least 5–20 minutes helps to calm your mind and boost your brain needs actively. Not only that but also mediation improve your intelligence so you will be creative, innovative, and visionary.

In addition, it helps one’s concentration and reduces stress levels. If you want to be smarter enough then mediate daily and see the miracle happens in your life.

Here are some tips to boost your lazy brain:

  • Take good rest
  • Read continuously and listen.
  • Eat healthy food that good for your brain and body.
  • Play more brain games like scrabble, chess, sudoku, and crosswords.

After took deep research, I concluded common 15 unusual signs that smarter people have than everyone else. Relate yourself to these 5 points. If you have at least 7 to 8 points, then you are smarter enough. If you don't have better to follow these habits to become intelligent and different from the other.



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