(193) Please Keep Sanity and Lube Out of the Aisle

Or…the thing that is said before they hurtle you through the edge of atmosphere (ish) and use science to make you land relatively safely in another place.

We’re about to take off for a twelve. day. vacation. We are not even bringing the fiddles. I can’t wrap my head around moving through an airport without it. Leaving the hotel without checking four times to make sure I either have it safely stored or slung over my shoulder. Obsessively reviewing music strewn across a rented bed in a coarse duvet: not this time.

Twelve days.

It couldn’t have been better timed.

Ok lie; I needed this break like two days ago when my brain died. But still.

So, here’s how I compromised this vacation. Originally, I was just gonna write in between our traipisings and wine lulls. Or during. Whatever, in my head, that seemed like a feasible plan.

Then I realized that some posts take hours to get fully finished. Not all of them, but sometimes I’m struggle city. It isn’t fair to hubs or me if half of this vacation, that we saved for and planned for nearly eight months, is sucked up by me in a dead room, typing about the seven minutes of still strained ‘free’ time I managed to grab before wrapping myself away from a world I have not seen yet, while hubs waits around, and I, ultimately, am not there.

So, during the last two turd towers I fondly refer to as ‘weeks’, I doubled up and wrote twelve pieces that I will post each night over the next 12 days. No, it won’t be exactly the same as daily writing BUT y’all: some of these posts are still a little rough/my meep-typing isn’t exactly what I think yet, and so there’s editing still, maybe, if I’m not a jackass about it, PLUS my last three weeks have also included killing my cat (why yes I am bringing that back because guess what that particular flaming grundle nugget likes to present its tangible reality rando style in the middle of my lessons to children and then I’m just over there choking back tears and pretending like B Major is some orgasmic thing). So. I have to have this chunk of time that we need. I have to honor that.

Tomorrow’s will go up tomorrow morning because airplane. I might (will probably) be lax about responding/etc while gone. I will catch up when I get back! ❤

Yes this is tonight’s post. Shhhh. Vacay.