5 Reasons You Should Be On Snapchat If You’re A Public Speaker

Snapchat was once known as the app for the younger millennial generation. We read headlines stating that it’s the app that lets thirteen-year-olds send ‘R’ rated photos to each other.

It’s time to change your perspective about Snapchat.

Regardless of the past, Snapchat today is a platform that can exponentially increase your brand awareness, revenue, and audience base.

I’ve been on Snapchat since the launch of the app in September 2011. I used to use it just to communicate with my inner circle of friends but for the past year or so i’ve been testing out the platform for my business as a motivational speaker.

Since i’ve changed my strategy on Snapchat i’ve seen incredible growth and results. Below are the 5 main areas Snapchat has added value to my business as a speaker and can do the same for you.

1. Snapchat can help refine your message & test out what resonates with your target audience.

If you’re continuously putting out 10 second videos on Snapchat you can begin to see what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. Your audience will let you know right away if they like something you’re saying through a private message on Snapchat.

2. Snapchat can assist you in landing more gigs.

Yes. I’ve gotten paid speaking opportunities from people who follow me on Snapchat. How? I put out valuable content every day geared towards my target audience.

Here’s an example: I speak at colleges across the United States. I recently received a message from a college student who is the president of a wellness club on campus. The club is hosting a speaker series and wants to hire me. They discovered me through Snapchat.

3. Snapchat helps keep your storytelling up to par.

As a public speaker, storytelling is key to relating to your audience. Snapchat is the same way. You must get creative in ways to storytell on the platform, and you have to do it every single day since Snapchat content disappears in 24 hours.

4. You can show people a ‘behind the scenes’ look into your life.

People love getting a peek into people’s lives. Using Snapchat you can bring your audience with you during your long travel periods, your show prep, and even your performance. This not only increases your reach but it creates trust with your audience.

5. Connect with people around the world.

Snapchat allows you to connect with people around the world on a more intimate basis. You can directly snap people a picture or video of you, creating a real-time connection.

Think about the last time you sent a DM to someone on Twitter and they never responded probably due to the number of dm’s they get on a daily basis that floods their inbox. On Snapchat, I have never once sent a personal snap to someone and not received a response.

There are so many ways Snapchat can help increase your business as a public speaker. Once you begin to use the platform i’m sure you’ll think of tons of creative ways it can be of value to you. Also, note this… it’s just the beginning for this platform. I don’t know what lies in the future for Snapchat but I know that if you’re investing your time into the platform now, it will pay off.

Check me out on Snapchat and follow along on my journey as a speaker!

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