5 Things You’re Doing Wrong As A Blogger

I am a blogger and a reader. There are things I see bloggers getting wrong that just drives me and my blogging friends absolutely crazy. You may not agree with me but since a good chunk of traffic for blogs comes from other bloggers maybe just maybe it’s worth paying attention.

Beating A Good Idea To Death

So you see a post that has been really successful for someone else. Let’s take “ How To Start A Blog” as an example. It seems as if every blog everywhere has written this post and I get it you want to cash in but the truth is there are thousands of posts exactly like this and for that reason alone we aren’t going to read it. Tell us something different.

The Exaggeration Of It All

How many times do we come across a post like “How I Got 50,000 Page views In One Month”. It’s like a dare isn’t it and we have to click it. Or the post that claims you can make thousands by doing this. The blogger who is exaggerating or downright lying to get you to click on their links. Of course we do it because we want to be rich too. For me, I will not go back because its obviously not true and I feel some kind of way that you tricked me.

Teach Me Something

Seems as if every blogger everywhere has a course on blogging. Too many of us fall for this. Very often it is just to get subscribers and only tells us basic information we already know. I really wish bloggers would offer courses relevant to their niche.

If you are a fashion blogger then I am coming to your site to learn and experience fashion related topics. Sure, if you’ve been blogging you know about blogging but that isn’t why people are visiting your site. If you offered a style course I might be more apt to sign up for it since that’s what I read your blog for.

Who I would actually sign up for a course from is someone who is an authority on the topic at hand. Make sure they have a proven track record or experience in what they are teaching especially if you are paying for it.

There Is No Magic Pill

The number one question every blogger seems to struggle with is traffic. There is no magical answer that is going to guarantee success. For one thing stop expecting it’s going to happen just because you write something brilliant. You have to do the work!

Those of us hustling in the blogging world know that there is more Social Media than actual writing. If you are unwilling to spend hours a day promoting than no your not going to get traffic.

No matter what kind of blog you have, you have to learn some basic SEO. If you don’t, no one is going to see your work. There are thousands of websites. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t get seen. Period, end of story.

Who Are You Writing For

Even personal bloggers are writing for an audience, otherwise it is merely a diary. To get readers you can’t just be writing to hear yourself talk. You have to offer value to someone else otherwise no one will care. You wouldn’t have started a blog and shared it with the world otherwise.

Find out who your readers are and share your voice with them while relating to them as well.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts with me. You can find me always at Womanpulse