His Last Wish

  • A story defining Love
A bead of sweat rolled down his neck and made his spine tingle.He recognized her beautiful smile and charming self,though quite a distance away, at the very moment.His heart threw him in anxiety attacks as he rolled back to his long love lost painful days.She was his one true love whom he had left to save her from the pain and agony his new TUMOUROUS bloody self could’ve put her through.His secret was to be buried with his body.
“Why is she here?She cannot know. Who told her about me?I can’t see her in pain. No no no this isn’t real..She isn’t real.Am I hallucinating again?Is she walking towards me?",cried his every weak cell as he watched the girl approaching.
"Oh God!Help me please!Save me from this wrath of yours.",he pleaded with all his remaining loosing self.
His heart had never ached to this extent but for this moment.Her every step made him feel a thousand fold pain.It was far beyond what his MALIGNANT self had had him go through.
"This can’t happen.No,I can’t let this happen.She can’t come back.She was never to know this.No no no please take her away from me",helplessly he cried inside his dying body.
Thinking he is losing,he made his last wish,"She deserves a long and happy life and love who can make her laugh like a child.She shouldn’t know where I disappeared. She cannot know why I left her.I chose her hatred because I wished my love to win.Let me die in peace.Let me die in love.Make her disappear dear God",prayed his body,mind and soul,in that nick of time.That was the least he could do being pinned to the bed and wrapped in tubes and wires in a corner of the hospital ward.
And there she turned and stopped all of a sudden.She seemed to be lost.Her eyes were searching a familiar face when she heard his voice. A gentleman in his whitecoat called out her name and blushed as she faced him.His warm smile and glowing face couldn’t hide the fact how happy he was to see her."What are you doing here?I can’t believe you came all the way from your exhibition.Were your silly paintings thrown out of the art gallery?,he joked about and his eyes lightened up a bit more .She threw her composed self into a childish laughter hearing this witty gentleman’s humorous notes.He asked once again,"What is it that my lady love is here for?Does she need to see a doctor?"
"I own one.I’m here to take him in my custody.",she demanded.
"I have a surprise for you Silly.Come with me.I can’t wait for you to see it.Lets go come on",she whispered slowly and they both left the place.
She was to never know.And she would never know what her few steps ahead could have lead her to.
Those young and weak eyes in the distant corner showered the pale cheeks with a happy teary trail as he watched his love walk away once again,but this time,he thanked 'Someone up there' for filling the void of love in his love’s life.
 His last wish was shaping up and taking roots.His last wish was may be somehow breathing, coming to life.
And his NULL heart somehow knew it was his time now....

Love isn’t an easy game!