A Butterfly Moment

There is this thing about Life, you can never call it dead. It is like writing an unfinished book where we keep on adding the chapters until Life calls it a day. An inundated effort of unlocking the myths we all are born with, A perpetual dream or the amalgamation of emotions ready to erupt at any moment. We fight, we survive for not who we think are part of our life but for self.

The journey as many of us perceive isn’t about finding the destination as the destination is inevitable, it is one for all and all for one. It is about finding the source, the source of truth, energy and the source of existence because we all know that life of a butterfly ends with the wings but it is the caterpillar a.k.a. beginning, the source of those beautiful wings that matters. Life is about finding your own butterfly moment and appreciating it.

Happiness is Butterfly.

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